Run Your Small Business Efficiently With a Mobile App

25. Januar 2023

• This article discusses the benefits of using a mobile app for managing a small business.
• It outlines the features such as invoicing, tracking expenses, and creating financial reports that can make running a business more efficient.
• The article also highlights the potential risks associated with using a mobile app, such as security concerns, and suggests ways to mitigate these risks.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of managing a small business. They can provide a range of features that make running a business more efficient, from invoicing and tracking expenses to creating financial reports. With a mobile app, entrepreneurs can manage their business on the go and keep their finger on the pulse of their operations. But using a mobile app also comes with certain risks.

The benefits of using a mobile app for small businesses are numerous. First, mobile apps make it easier to manage finances. With a few taps of the screen, entrepreneurs can access an array of features that make it easy to invoice customers, track expenses, and create financial reports. This can save time and money, as there’s no need to manually track this information. Plus, a mobile app can help entrepreneurs stay organized and on top of their day-to-day operations.

In addition to providing convenience, a mobile app can also help entrepreneurs save money. By automating routine tasks, such as invoicing and tracking expenses, entrepreneurs can reduce their overhead costs. This can free up funds that can be used to invest in other areas of the business.

However, there are also risks associated with using a mobile app for small businesses. Security is a major concern, as any breach of information can have serious implications for a business. To mitigate this risk, entrepreneurs should make sure to use a secure app and keep their information up to date. Additionally, entrepreneurs should be sure to use only trusted app providers to ensure the safety of their data.

Overall, a mobile app can be a great tool for entrepreneurs looking to manage their small business more efficiently. It can simplify routine tasks, such as invoicing and tracking expenses, and save money in the process. But it’s important to understand the risks associated with using a mobile app and take steps to protect your information. With the right precautions, a mobile app can be a powerful tool to help entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

Floki and Binance Pay Partner to Enable Crypto Payments for Floki Shop

18. Januar 2023

• Floki has struck a strategic partnership with crypto payments provider Binance Pay.
• Binance Pay will provide crypto payments for Floki Shop, a newly launched Floki merchandise store.
• Customers can now buy items from the merch store using funds in the Binance Pay account.

Floki, the people’s cryptocurrency, has partnered with crypto payments provider Binance Pay in a strategic move to boost adoption of the recently launched Floki Shop. The Floki Shop is a merchandise store where customers can buy unique items, including fashion pieces.

The partnership between Floki and Binance Pay was announced on Tuesday, with both parties revealing the strategic collaboration via a Medium post and Twitter. Binance Pay is a payments feature in the Binance ecosystem, and it will become Floki’s main crypto payments provider, allowing customers to buy items from the merch store using funds in the Binance Pay account.

Speaking about the partnership, Floki Inu CEO and Co-Founder, Benson Toti, said: “We are delighted to partner with Binance Pay as our main crypto payments provider for Floki Shop. This partnership will enable us to provide customers with a fast, secure and convenient payment method when buying items from our store. Binance Pay is well-known for its secure and reliable payments infrastructure, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to drive the adoption of crypto payments.”

The Floki Shop is now live and taking orders, with customers able to purchase items with either crypto or fiat currencies. The store offers a wide range of items, including apparel, accessories, and collectibles. All purchases come with Floki rewards, giving customers the opportunity to earn additional FLOKI tokens.

Binance Pay CEO, Changpeng Zhao, also commented on the partnership, saying: “We are excited to provide Floki Shop customers with a secure and reliable payment method. This partnership is another testament to our commitment to driving the adoption of crypto payments. We look forward to working with the Floki team to further expand the reach of their store.”

The partnership between Floki and Binance Pay is a key move in the cryptocurrency platform’s plans to expand its influence and reach. The strategic collaboration will enable customers to easily and quickly purchase items from the Floki Shop, giving the platform a competitive advantage in the digital assets payments space.

Tom Brady and Robert Kraft Lose Millions in FTX Group Collapse

11. Januar 2023

• Tom Brady and Robert Kraft held significant stakes in Sam Bankman-Fried’s business, FTX Group.
• Brady and Kraft are unlikely to recover their losses due to the collapse of the platform.
• Brady and Bunchen both held 1.1 million and 680,000 common shares, respectively.

The recent collapse of crypto trading platform FTX Group has left some of the most famous people in US sports and other investors, such as Paul Tudor Jones and Peter Thiele, holding the bag. Star NFL quarterback Tom Brady and New England Patriots owner and billionaire Robert Kraft are among those facing the consequences of the collapse.

It wasn’t clear how Brady was paid in shares of the company, but regardless, he is an FTX creditor according to court documents. Su Keenan of Bloomberg Television reported that the star quarterback, who is currently playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, joins the club of those unlikely to get their money back. FTX was even among the crypto companies that bought an advertising slot during the Super Bowl, making the situation even more disappointing.

Keenan also reported that Kraft owns significant shares in several FTX-related entities. Brady is said to own more than 1.1 million common shares of FTX Trading, while his ex-wife Gisele Bunchen holds 680,000 shares. The new FTX CEO, John J. Ray III, stated that no one is likely to recover their losses due to the collapse.

The news of the collapse serves as a stark reminder of the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets and underscores the importance of making educated investment decisions. Those who were affected by the collapse of FTX Group are certainly feeling the pinch, and it remains to be seen if they can recoup their losses.

Coinbase Cuts Expenses, Lays Off 950 Employees Amid Bear Market

• Coinbase has announced that it is cutting down on its operating expenses by 25% and is laying off 950 employees.
• The move is attributed to the ongoing bear crypto market and the broader macroeconomy.
• Despite the layoff, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has assured the public that the exchange is still well capitalized.

Coinbase, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently announced that it is cutting down its operating expenses by 25% and is laying off 950 employees as a result. This news has come as a shock to many as the exchange’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, had previously assured the public that Coinbase was well capitalized.

The move is attributed to the ongoing bear crypto market and the broader macroeconomy. Armstrong noted that while Coinbase has gone through multiple bear markets in the past, the current one is proving to be especially difficult. This is due to the fact that it is the first time a global economic meltdown has coincided with a bear crypto market.

In order to reduce the company’s expenses significantly enough without having to resort to layoffs, Armstrong said that it was necessary to part ways with some of its colleagues. He said: “As we examined our 2023 scenarios, it became clear that we would need to reduce expenses to increase our chances of doing well in every scenario. While it is always painful to part ways with our colleagues, there was no way to reduce our expenses significantly enough without having to do this.”

The exchange is also expected to reduce its investments in marketing, recruitment and other non-essential activities. This will help the exchange to focus on its core offering of digital asset custody and trading. The exchange has also mentioned that it will offer the affected employees severance packages and other resources to help them transition to their next job.

Despite the layoff, Armstrong has assured the public that Coinbase is still well capitalized. He said that the exchange is in a strong financial position and has the resources to continue to invest in its products and services. He also said that the exchange is committed to its mission of creating an open financial system and that this layoff will not alter the exchange’s commitment to the crypto community.

The news of the layoff has caused some concern among the crypto community. Many fear that this could erode the exchange’s reputation and cause traders to lose confidence in the platform. However, the exchange has assured customers that it is still committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for customers to trade on.

Only time will tell how this layoff will affect Coinbase and the crypto community. What is certain is that Coinbase is taking the necessary steps to ensure its long-term financial health and is committed to continuing to invest in its products and services.

Bitcoin Loophole Review 2022: Is it Trustworthy and Profitable?

26. Oktober 2022

Bitcoin Loophole can be described as one of these trading Robot that comes with unique features and functions in a flexible manner to allow traders to trade with ease.

The trading hours of this market amazing due to their adherence to most recent trends. Many investors earn lots of money each day, and become millionaires in a matter of hours.

The trading of cryptocurrency is an extremely profitable strategies for financial growth. There are many automated trading software that has are a fast and efficient method of trading with high results.

Open Your Bitcoin Loophole Account Now From The Official Site

The product is a great one, and lets users earn lots of cash. Bitcoin Loophole can be described as one of these trading Robot which comes with unique features and can be adapted to allow traders to trade with no hassle.

About Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is the algorithmic trading program that is currently demonstrating its amazing existence in the market of cryptocurrency. It is an automated system which requires no involvement by the investor needed. In this way, the investment plan allows traders to earn lots of profits.


How Does Bitcoin Loophole Work?

This system that is involved within Bitcoin Loophole is automated and programmed. The programmers have been programmed by the software, which means that it will begin working immediately following the conclusion of the live stream. The program lets investors decide whether or not they want to make the withdrawal and begin earning.



This app is designed to teach teens to invest is backed with Zerodha’s Nit…

This system is able to calculate the payment. The whole process of transaction is completed in just 24 hours. It only takes a few fractions of a second to complete every step. The programmers oversee Auto Trading’s Auto Trading system and examine the issues with the platform. The process of buying and selling cryptocurrency becomes very flexible using it as an exchange platform.

Because of the fluctuating market prices, investors must take advantage of positive signals drawing their attention. In order to allow all users to earn money through this application Bitcoin Loophole makes use of the live trading feature.


The trades that trading robots choose are checked by the experienced brokers who are part of the system. When the trader earns the money and the system is able to make a profit, Bitcoin Loophole Bitcoin Loophole system makes a tiny portion of the profit from the total profit.

The user is then credited with the rest of the funds that are transferred to his bank account. One of the most amazing aspects of this whole procedure is that you’ll not be faced with issues due to hidden charges. The openness of the system and the precise payment methods make this platform the best option to trade.

How to Use Bitcoin Loophole?

There are several actions to take when making use of Bitcoin. There are a few steps involved in using Bitcoin software. Take a look at the following steps:

Following all other steps after that, you must select the option „deposit.“ After that, you will be able to select the broker you prefer and follow your deposit option. The brokers will permit you to keep using alternatives, such as great debit and credit payment cards like Skrill, Neteller, and various other payment methods.


It is important to be aware it is true that Paypal as well as Bitcoin methods aren’t accessible in this area. If you’ve done all other websites, you will receive your money within the next 48 hours.

Check out this official Bitcoin Loophole Australia Website

Benefits of Bitcoin Loophole


Do you have to be a professional trader to start with Bitcoin Loophole?

There’s no requirement to become an expert trader. It is important to know the fundamentals of trading. There’s plenty of information available in the software to help you to sell.

What is the HTML0 different cryptocurrencies that can be traded through the Bitcoin Loophole trading platform?

In addition to Bitcoin in addition, you’ll find other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Monero and Dash.

How do you find best ways to increase your earnings?

In order to maximize profits You should be alert to the current trend. If you see an increase in the stock but you shouldn’t begin shorting it or do the opposite. Be aware of the wrong time to be trading. Since trading is contingent on probability. It is essential to make the best decision by analyzing the volume and value of stocks you can get.

What time frame do you will be working for your Bitcoin Loophole app?

It’s possible to trade on the platform all hours of all day. It also lets you make investments at any time throughout the entire day.


The use of cutting-edge technology and the most secure standards that include complete encryption makes the The Bitcoin Loophole environment a highly flexible one for broker. It has been designed using the highest high standards to ensure the safety of clients and maximum profit throughout the day.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Shenron Wunschliste

20. September 2021

Wenn du in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 alle Dragon Balls erhalten hast, kannst du dir etwas wünschen. Der Wunschzettel ist versteckt, bis du alle Dragon Balls erhalten hast. Sieh dir diese Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Shenron-Wunschliste an, um einen ersten Blick darauf zu werfen!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Shenron-Wunschliste

Ich aktualisiere diese Liste nach und nach, indem ich jeden Wunsch aufgreife und hinzufüge, was er bewirkt.

I Want Money – Du bekommst Zeni, ich weiß noch nicht wie viel, weil ich noch keinen Wunsch dafür verschwenden wollte.

Ich möchte einen seltenen Gegenstand – das Goodie-Radieschen-Accessoire.

I Want To Dress Up – Das Crystal Battle Suit Outfit, der zweite Wunsch ist das Gold Outfit. Danke an Toximous Prime für die Info und die Bilder.

Ich will stärker werden – Du erhältst 6 Echo-Seelen-Geräte für das Mischen von Superseelen.

I Want To Grow – Sie gewinnen 1 Ebene, am besten verwendet, wenn die EXP für die Nivellierung ist immer verrückt.

Ich will eine neue ultimative Attacke – Die erste ist Zeitsprung/Moloto, die ultimative Attacke und die zweite ist Eiskanone, die ich für die Attacke der Eis-Shenrons halte.

Ich will eine neue Superattacke – Die erste Superattacke ist Flash Fist Crush (Danke Michael Christopher Hubbard für die Info), die zweite Attacke ist Ice Claw (Danke für die Info Marcus Anesin)

Ich möchte mehr brauchbare Charaktere

Du wirst mehr Charaktere zur Auswahl bekommen. Der erste Charakter, den man freischaltet, heißt Hit, und um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich keine Ahnung, wer er ist. Er ist ein lilafarbener Kerl mit Glatze, der ziemlich hohe Werte hat. Er benutzt alle Strike Supers und hat nur ein Ultimate, nur als Warnung, bevor man ihn auswählt. Ich vermute, dass er aus Dragon Ball Super stammt, aber ich habe nur die alte Schulserie gesehen, bis GT.

Der zweite Charakter ist Eis Shenron, danke an Evil Dante1989 für die Info.

I Want A Second Chance At Life – Du bekommst alle deine Werte zurück und kannst sie einsetzen, wo immer du willst.

I Want To Be Drop Dead Gorgeous – Du kannst deinen Charakter neu erstellen.

Ich will Medaillen – Du bekommst 10 TP-Medaillen, danke an Phillip Robertson für die Info.

Wenn du genug Guru-Missionen erledigt hast, schaltest du weitere Wünsche für die Dragon Balls frei. Zuerst waren es erhöhte Maximalwerte und dann die zweite Guru-Sache waren neue Wünsche.

Ich will mich mehr verkleiden! – Damit erhältst du das Schildkröten-Eremiten-Set. Dies ist ein Accessoire, das mit der Roshi-Brille, seinem Bart und Schnurrbart und dem Schildkrötenpanzer auf dem Rücken kommt.

Ich will eine weitere neue Super-Attacke! – Drachenblitzgeschoss ist die erste Attacke, die du mit diesem Wunsch erhältst. Wenn du sie bereits hast, kannst du sie auswählen und einfach von der Liste streichen.

Ich will eine weitere neue ultimative Attacke! – Du bekommst Minus-Energieball von diesem Wunsch. Die Attacke funktioniert, aber man braucht 5 Ki-Balken und es dauert SEHR lange, sie auszuführen.

Ich will einen vollen Magen! – Ich will einen vollen Magen: gibt dir 30 Stück Pudding, die du an Buu verfüttern kannst, damit mehr von seiner Familie spawnen, oder an seine Familie, damit sie rausgehen und Gegenstände holen. Danke an Avenger93 für die Info.

Ich baue die Dragon Balls so schnell wie möglich auf, aber wenn noch jemand ein paar Wünsche frei hat, hinterlasst uns einen Kommentar. Wir werden euch die Ehre erweisen und wissen das sehr zu schätzen.

Wie man das Bios-Passwort eines Acer-Laptops entfernt oder zurücksetzt

Also, wie oft Sie setzen Bios-Passwort und vergessen Sie es und nach einer Weile Sie versuchen, Ihre Laptops Bios zugreifen und nicht an das Passwort erinnern… gut… das ist nie passiert, um mich und glaube nicht, dass es zu viele Menschen wie das herum:). Es ist eigentlich lustig, wenn man liest, dass meine Kinder es geschafft haben, das Bios-Passwort zu installieren und ich jetzt keinen Zugriff mehr auf den Laptop habe… vielleicht!!! NOOOT!!!

Die meisten meiner Laptops kommen aus Büros, so dass sie Bios-Passwörter von den Systemadministratoren installiert haben, so dass Benutzer nicht durcheinander einige wichtige Einstellungen, so dass keine Mickey Mouse PS. aber was auch immer Ihre Gründe sind, um Acer Bios-Passwort zu entsperren hier ist sehr einfaches Tutorial, wie es zu tun und wenn aus irgendeinem Grund es nicht funktioniert, dann nicht die Schuld mir, da es ist kostenloser Service und keine Garantie gegeben :)

Also, wie zu entfernen oder zurücksetzen Acer Laptop Bios-Passwort:

Ok, fangen wir an – schalten Sie Ihren Acer Laptop ein und drücken Sie sofort die F2-Taste auf Ihrer Tastatur, die F2-Taste wird für den Zugriff auf das Bios verwendet, so dass Sie jetzt „Enter Current Password“ sehen sollten – geben Sie das falsche Passwort 3 Mal ein und Sie sollten „Enter Unlock Password“ sehen, drücken Sie jetzt die Eingabetaste und Sie sollten Ihren Freischaltschlüssel sehen… notieren Sie sich diesen Schlüssel und gehen Sie zu, geben Sie diesen Schlüssel in das Suchfeld ein und drücken Sie die Taste „Send Request“ und einige Sekunden später sollten Sie Ihren Acer Bios-Freischaltschlüssel erhalten.

Notieren Sie sich diesen Schlüssel und gehen Sie zurück zu Ihrem Laptop

Notieren Sie sich diesen Schlüssel und gehen Sie zurück zu Ihrem Laptop und geben Sie ihn in das Feld „Enter Unlock Password“ ein. Wenn Sie erfolgreich waren, sollten Sie sich im Bios befinden. Gehen Sie nun im Bios auf die Registerkarte „Sicherheit“ und drücken Sie die Eingabetaste bei „Set Supervisor Password“. Es sollte ein kleines Feld mit 3 Passwortfeldern erscheinen. Geben Sie Ihren Freischaltschlüssel von in das erste Feld ein, das das aktuelle Passwortfeld ist, und lassen Sie das Feld für das neue Passwort und das Bestätigungsfeld leer. Navigieren Sie nun zum Reiter Exit und klicken Sie auf Exit Saving Changes und das war’s. Ihr Laptop sollte kein Bios-Passwort mehr haben und Sie sollten in der Lage sein, Windows OS oder was auch immer Sie installiert haben, zu starten.

Crypto-currencies: The 5 best influencers of the week

12. Februar 2021

Elon Musk tops the list along with fellow entrepreneurs Saylor and Cuban.

A 71-year-old rockstar calls herself the ‚King of Dogecoin‘.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey completes the list

This week, we take a look at the five most influential people in the cryptocurrency market and their impact on the news over the past few days.

The past week has been hectic for the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin Supreme has hit a new high. Ethereum also hit an all-time high. Dogecoin has returned to the top 10 as the overall market capitalization of the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow.

There is no doubt about the strong growth of cryptocurrencies. The majority of working people have seen massive gains over the past week.

Let’s take a look at the top five influencers, who played a big role in asset prices last week.

The founder of Tesla made headlines last week for his constant tweets related to the Dogecoin asset.

Elon Musk recently posted a tirade of tweets supporting the cryptocurrency. The richest man in the world is believed to be behind the recent dogecoin price spike. Dogecoin climbed over 800% and even made it into the top 10 assets following a wave of buying from amateur investors. Musk’s backing for Dogecoin has led to a massive influx of investors interested in this project.

He even recently tweeted that he bought Dogecoin for his son

Not only was Elon involved with Dogecoin last week, but Tesla’s main news was the announcement of a $ 1.5 billion purchase of Bitcoin . This came as a surprise to anyone who considered Musk to only support Dogecoin.

Following the announcement of the $ 1.5 billion purchase of Bitcoin, BTC broke a new all-time high and continues to advance towards $ 50,000 this week.

Musk catapulted his status as a cryptocurrency influencer to new heights after a week filled with Bitcoin and Dogecoin announcements. He is therefore at the top of the list as the best cryptocurrency influencer of the week.

Now better known in the cryptocurrency space, Gene Simmons made the news this week after admitting he was involved in cryptocurrencies.

Simmons has been actively posting about his new love affair with cryptocurrencies. The 71-year-old rockstar is known for her voice from the legendary rock band KISS. He had previously announced that he was an active holder of XRP. However, it seems the singer has moved on. Simmons recently clarified that he also bought Dogecoin, following its rise.

He also expressed his distrust of the US dollar. This ultimately led the rockstar to seek out alternatives in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

Simmons went so far as to call himself the “ King of Dogecoin ”.

The singer has been extremely honest in his thoughts towards the cryptocurrency markets. He can now be added to a host of celebrities who actively participate in the crypto markets.

He recently bought a lot of BTC, but still expects the price to rise further after hitting its recent all-time high.

Is de door Tesla geïnspireerde bitcoin-goudkoorts het teken van een rationele markt?

9. Februar 2021

Voor Tesla’s bitcoinbewegingen, was het grote geld al aan het inzetten op BTC. Wat zijn de bitcoin fundamenten op de lange termijn? Geoff Morphy van Bitfarms legt het uit.

Cryptocurrencies zijn de nieuwste evolutie van waarde, en bitcoin is dominant. Duizenden jaren van verschuivende voorstellingen van valuta hebben ons tot dit punt geleid via ruilhandel, goud en daarna. En nu, 12 jaar na de start van Crypto Code, groeit het vertrouwen in bitcoin als alternatieve opslagplaats van waarde alleen maar.

Hoe meer mensen het gevoel hebben dat hun activa, met name hun liquide middelen zoals fiatvaluta’s, in waarde afbrokkelen, hoe meer ze op zoek zullen gaan naar alternatieven. We zagen het vertrouwen in bitcoin groeien toen de prijs in januari een all-time high bereikte.

De Bitcoin-prijs bereikte gisteren een nieuw hoogtepunt met het nieuws dat Tesla bitcoin heeft gekozen als een waardepapier bij uitstek voor de lange termijn en een weloverwogen bedrijfsstrategie, en steeg vandaag opnieuw naar US$47.726 op het moment van publicatie. Het is veelzeggend dat een bedrijf als Tesla – een elektrisch autobedrijf – ervoor zou kiezen om 1,5 miljard dollar in bitcoin te investeren in plaats van in nieuwe productiefaciliteiten.

Maar Tesla’s bitcoin buy-in is eigenlijk de laatste in een reeks van mijlpalen die laten zien dat het vertrouwen in bitcoin groeit, nu meer en meer mensen, instellingen en overheden het erkennen als een betrouwbare alternatieve opslag van waarde.

Consumenten zoeken alternatieven als het op beleggen aankomt

Vandaag de dag worden zowel particulieren als financiële instellingen zeer geavanceerde en technische opties aangeboden die een alternatief bieden voor traditionele valuta en andere beleggingen. Traditionele fiat en beleggingen zijn nu meer dan ooit kwetsbaar voor inflatie en devaluatie.

Bitcoin biedt een alternatief dat verder gaat dan de huidige beperkingen van fiat: in staat zijn je eigen bankier te zijn is een volledige evolutie vanuit de oorsprong van ruilhandel. Bitcoin is niet alleen een alternatief voor beleggen, maar brengt de autonomie terug bij het individu doordat hij zelf kan bepalen hoe en met wie hij transacties wil doen.

Wat geeft de door Tesla aangedreven bitcoin ATH aan voor de toekomst van bitcoin?

Het is heel belangrijk om stil te staan bij het verschil tussen bitcoin’s vorige all-time highs en deze. Zesendertig maanden van rijping en opbouw gingen voorbij sinds bitcoin’s eerste significante ATH in 2017. Maar kort daarna mislukten bijna alle initial coin offerings (ICO’s) en hielden maar weinig bedrijven stand. De enige bedrijven die slaagden, waren degenen die serieus wilden bouwen aan hun bedrijfsmodellen op lange termijn.

Sindsdien is deze ruimte steeds verder geprofessionaliseerd. Op dit moment is de cryptocurrency-industrie te vergelijken met het internet in 1999. Institutionele beleggers beginnen langzaam hun posities in te nemen, en regelgeving is van vitaal belang voor deze omvang en kwaliteit van kapitaal om naar bitcoin te beginnen stromen als een reserve van echte waarde.

2020: een scharnierjaar voor bitcoin

2020 zal de geschiedenis ingaan als een scharnierjaar voor bitcoin. Afgezien van opmerkelijke gebeurtenissen zoals de bitcoin halvering afgelopen mei, begonnen mainstream instellingen zoals PayPal en Square digitale valuta te omarmen en te accepteren als een vorm van betaling.

Met zijn 361 miljoen gebruikers biedt Paypal een enorme kans voor beginnende crypto-gebruikers om bitcoin en andere grote cryptocurrencies te kopen en uit te geven via het platform van Paypal. Maar nog belangrijker is dat Paypal van plan is om bitcoin en cryptocurrency bruikbaar te maken als betaalmethode voor PayPal’s 26 miljoen merchant accounts. Dit is een grote deal voor bitcoin en voor cryptocurrency als industrie.

Het begin van Covid-19 en een wereldwijde pandemie hebben ook de realiteit ontmaskerd van hoe regeringen begrotingstekortproblemen oplossen. Zal het Amerikaanse dollarbiljet vandaag en over een jaar nog dezelfde koopkracht hebben? De verschuiving van institutioneel en bedrijfsgeld – met Tesla als meest recente voorbeeld – dat bitcoin naar steeds hogere ATH’s duwt, geeft aan dat bitcoin hier is om te blijven als een opslagplaats van waarde.

Wat zal er met bitcoin gebeuren in 2021?

Tesla’s geloof in bitcoin – gisteren bekendgemaakt via de SEC-filing van het bedrijf – creëerde een BTC-handelswoede. De markt reageert, maar als je naar het 30-daags voortschrijdend gemiddelde van bitcoin kijkt, zweefden de prijzen al rond de vorige all-time highs.

Zal bitcoin in 2021 de 100.000 dollar bereiken? Het is een mogelijkheid, maar belangrijker dan de prijs is dat steeds meer traditionele financiële instellingen bitcoin zullen erkennen als een betrouwbare, veilige en uitstekende manier om vermogen op te slaan. Wijdverspreide implementatie van anti-witwasmaatregelen (AML) en know-your-customer (KYC) regels en beleid zullen het negatieve stigma verminderen dat is gerelateerd aan cryptocurrencies en hun eerdere associaties met terroristische, criminele of andere illegale activiteiten. Naarmate er nieuwe, betere en veiligere methoden komen om bitcoin aan te schaffen en op te slaan, zal de adoptie door mainstreams en instellingen naar verwachting doorgaan.

Bitcoin begon 2020 rond de 7.000 dollar, met een wereldwijde hash rate van net onder de 100 EH/s. Op het moment van publicatie zijn de bitcoinprijzen nu bijna zeven keer zo hoog, met een hash rate die rond de 159 EH/s schommelt. De fundamentals van Bitcoin blijven sterker worden, en deze trend zal ons tot 2021 en daarna leiden.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) guadagna il 444% poiché il suo volume DEX giornaliero supera i 90 milioni di dollari

6. Februar 2021

Il volume DEX di PancakeSwap è cresciuto del 350% in sei settimane, causando un aumento del token CAKE del 444% e la piattaforma appare sulla buona strada per guadagni ancora maggiori.

Lanciato a settembre 2020, PancakeSwap è uno scambio decentralizzato (DEX) in esecuzione su Binance Smart Chain

Invece di consentire ai suoi utenti di scambiare token ERC-20 ed ERC-721, DEX si concentra esclusivamente su Binance Chain BEP20.

Utilizzando un market maker automatizzato (AMM), il DEX consente lo scambio di token senza bisogno di book degli ordini. Questo è abbastanza simile ai pool liquidi di Uniswap che sono automatizzati da contratti intelligenti.

Oltre alle sue funzioni tradizionali, PancakeSwap offre lo staking per i suoi fornitori di liquidità. C’è anche una lotteria per gli utenti che detengono 10 o più CAKE e, optando per una catena con commissioni di transazione molto inferiori rispetto a Ethereum, PancakeSwap offre una soluzione completa per gli appassionati di finanza decentralizzata (DeFi).

I fornitori di liquidità mettono in gioco i loro token in pool, consentendo al DEX di eseguire i suoi contratti intelligenti di market maker automatizzati. In cambio, questi stakers vengono ricompensati con gettoni FLIP. Questi gettoni FLIP possono anche essere puntati in cambio di gettoni CAKE.

Le capacità di picchettamento si espandono

Lanciato da sviluppatori anonimi e governato dalla sua comunità, Pancake ha trovato la sua nicchia tra gli utenti di Binance. Gli utenti pagano una commissione di negoziazione dello 0,2% su ogni token swap (scambio), mentre lo 0,17% risale ai fornitori di liquidità. Il restante 0,03% viene inviato al Tesoro di PancakeSwap.

Anche se è stato lanciato solo cinque mesi fa su una rete molto più piccola di Ethereum, PancakeSwap è già salito fino a diventare l’ottavo DEX classificato.

Per gestire il sistema di governance DEX, è stato creato un altro token chiamato SYRUP e questi possono essere ottenuti solo picchettando token CAKE. Oltre a fornire diritti di voto, i gettoni SCIROPPO funzionano anche come biglietti della lotteria.

Secondo il sito web di PancakeSwap, il 75% dei tokesn CAKE appena coniati sono assegnati agli agricoltori, mentre il 25% è assegnato esclusivamente ai possessori di SCIROPPO.

Come illustrato sopra, il volume giornaliero di PancakeSwap è salito alle stelle e quando ciò si è verificato il valore di CAKE è aumentato del 300%.

Gli sviluppatori e la comunità della piattaforma hanno anche elencato diversi sviluppi potenzialmente interessanti che combinano il mondo NFT con il prestito e ci sono una serie di proposte per l’aggiornamento o la personalizzazione dell’interfaccia utente.