Astar Network Unveils 2.0 Vision: Web3 Mass Adoption for Billions

• Astar Network has unveiled its ‚Astar 2.0 Vision‘ to drive mass adoption of Web3 to billions of users.
• The vision aligns the network’s tokenomics, organizational structure, and technology pillars to achieve its mission of empowering people worldwide.
• It consists of redesigned tokenomics, Astar Link for connecting fragmented layers of the blockchain industry, and organizations supporting Astar Network.

Astar Network Unveils ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’

Astar Network has unveiled the ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’ with a mission to drive Web3 mass adoption to billions of users globally. The vision aligns tokenomics, organizational structure, and key pillars of technology to achieve this goal and empower people worldwide.


The network will revamp its current tokenomics in order to better serve the needs of network participants from users and builders to enterprise partners in achieving a sustainable future of growth and success.

Astar Link

The newly developed Astar Link connects fragmented layers of the blockchain industry by providing customizable options along with tailor-made SDKs that unlock various use cases from gaming to enterprise only possible by linking different ecosystems together with each other.

Organizations Supporting Astart Network

Startale Labs is an enterprise arm that enables users and businesses to embrace blockchain in Japan with a focus on Web3 infrastructure so as to build innovative products enabling widespread adoption of Web3 technologies. Additionally, the Astar Foundation is currently making contributions as well as maintaining the entire network ecosystem for long-term sustainability purposes.


The ‘Astart 2.0 Vision’ sets out a long-term direction for rapid growth within the Astart Ecosystem while simultaneously ensuring the sustainability and success for all involved parties including users, builders, enterprises and more through initiatives such as redesigned tokenomics & Astart Link alongside partnering organizations like Startale Labs & Astart Foundation