Boost Your Trading with AI: Vantagepoint AI Adds Polygon (MATIC) Support

• Vantagepoint AI, a US-based artificial intelligence platform, has added support for the Ethereum scaling protocol Polygon (MATIC).
• The platform boasts of predictive forecasts with accuracy levels of up to 87.4%.
• Vantagepoint AI president Lane Mendelsohn commented that the aim is to empower traders to make informed decisions with more confidence.

AI Platform Adds Polygon (MATIC) Support

Vantagepoint AI, a US-based artificial intelligence platform offering predictive forecasting for stocks, cryptocurrencies and Forex among others, has added support for Polygon. MATIC is the native cryptocurrency token of the Ethereum scaling protocol.

Highly Accurate Predictive Forecasts

A press release published on Wednesday noted that integration of MATIC to the platform will ensure traders benefit from highly accurate forecasts. As digital currencies gain mainstream adoption and market trends becoming increasingly complex to predict, higher accuracy could be beneficial to traders in the growing market. In this case, Vantagepoint AI claims its software’s predictions have an accuracy level of up to 87.4%.

Empowering Traders’ Decision Making

Vantagepoint AI President Lane Mendelsohn commented: „Although trading always involves some level of risk, our aim is to empower traders to make well-informed decisions with more confidence through our data-driven forecasts generated by artificial intelligence.“

Increasing Popularity of AI Software

AI-powered software is increasingly popular as digital currencies gain mainstream adoption, according to the firm’s press release. This integration into Vantagepoint AI could potentially offer traders greater insights into the crypto markets and lead them towards making more profitable trades.


The addition of MATIC support by Vantagepoint AI adds another layer of accuracy and insight into crypto trading which could potentially help traders make more informed decisions and increase their chances at profitable trades.