Revolutionize Online Betting With Chancer’s Epic Presale!

• Chancer presale sees strong investor interest with over $835k raised just weeks into the token sale.
• Chancer is building the “world’s first decentralized social predictive markets platform” to redefine the online betting market with a peer-to-peer (P2P) model.
• Powering Chancer’s P2P betting model is its native token $CHANCER.

Chancer’s Revolutionary P2P Betting Model

Chancer, one of the most exciting crypto projects for the betting industry, has seen incredible interest and investment during its presale, raising over $835k just weeks in. The project seeks to revolutionize the online betting market with a new peer-to-peer (P2P) model that puts control over market making into the hands of users. Leveraging blockchain technology, users on Chancer can create predictive markets on any events ranging from local occurrences to global sports and entertainment events. All this while enjoying complete control over their markets, odds and rules without relying on centralized power like traditional bookmakers.

Native Token: $CHANCER

Powering Chancer’s P2P betting model is its native token – $CHANCER – which enables users to be in charge of their own markets and odds instead of relying on centralized power like traditional bookmakers. Early buyers of CHANCER can now do so with ETH, USDT, BUSD and BNB.

The Growing Crypto & Online Betting Markets

A recent report from K33 Research revealed that the global crypto industry currently stands at $180 billion whereas; meanwhile, the global online betting and gambling market is worth over $60 billion with growth projections pointing to an average 11% CAGR till 2030. This scenario alludes to unprecedented growth investors anticipate for both crypto and online betting – making it ripe for disruption by projects such as Chancer which could revolutionize how people bet online forever!

Growing Into a Robust Community

Chancer isn’t just another ordinary prediction markets platform – it is designed to grow into a robust community spanning even beyond borders! Its core features of blockchain and cryptocurrency support enhance its outlook as a revolutionary project set to disrupt traditional online betting platforms by providing much greater control in terms of creating markets, odds and rules whilst also providing users access to global sports/entertainment events without being reliant on centralized powers!


Chancer’s unique approach to redefining online sports/entertainment event predictions presents immense opportunities not only for investors but also for bettors who will enjoy greater control thanks to its innovative P2P mechanism powered by its native token – $CHANCER – enabling them access not only global events but also have complete freedom when it comes setting up their own odds/rules! With its presale already seeing great success proving strong investor interest, it looks likely that this project could really shake up how people bet online forever!