Secure Your Digital Identity with Web3 Domain Alliance

• The Web3 Domain Alliance announced 52 new members, including, Rarible, Wyre, Bitdegree, WazirX and Klever.
• Unstoppable Domains has committed to not assert its patents necessary to adopt the Alliance’s interoperability and security standards against other members.
• The Alliance will engage on topics such as consumer protection, preventing naming collisions and more to foster innovation and a safe environment in the Web3 domain industry.

Web3 Domain Alliance Announces New Members

The Web3 Domain Alliance is a member-led coalition with the goal of improving the technological and public policy environments for users of Web3 naming services. The Alliance recently announced 52 new members from across various projects, systems and companies in the blockchain space such as, Rarible, Wyre, Bitdegree, WazirX and Klever.

Unstoppable Domains Commits To Not Assert Patents Against Members

As part of this commitment to support the ongoing development of digital identity technology in Web3, Unstoppable Domains has agreed not to assert against Alliance members its patents that are necessary to adopt the Alliance’s interoperability and security standards. Unstoppable was recently awarded a patent around resolving blockchain domains and aims to support innovation across the Web3 industry through its IP investments.

Alliance To Advocate For Standards In The Industry

Members of the Web3 Domain Alliance will engage on topics including consumer protection, interoperability of blockchain naming systems, fair and open use of intellectual property in the industry, preventing naming collisions and more in order to create an environment for people which is safe for them to use these services without any hassle or fear of getting scammed or defrauded. As an example of this commitment to safety from name collisions Metascan recently deprecated their NFT top-level domain joining the alliance shortly afterwords recognizing their importance within this field.

Unstoppable Honored To Work With New Co-Members

Sandy Carter SVP & Channel Chief at Unstoppable stated that they were honored to work alongside their co-members unlocking potential within this space together; demonstrating their commitment towards working with other organizations within this field rather than competing against each other for dominance within it..


Overall it is clear that there is a strong desire among those active within this space towards creating a safer environment where users have access too all they need while being protected from potential threats that could harm them or put them at risk financially or otherwise when using these services; something which organizations like Unstoppable hope can be accomplished by working collaboratively rather than competitively with each other towards achieving such objectives without infringing upon each others rights or products/services offered as part of their respective business models